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How people actively believe something that’s been proven wrong and has no scientific basis behind it honestly blows my mind.

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My mom said not to say anything to my aunt, but I’m thinking about sending her an angry message and de-friending her on fb and telling her I won’t be coming to her wedding? Like… I can’t stand the woman, and I can’t believe her behavior. Especially her accusing my mom of being high 24/7 (on meth none the less) which is so far from the truth I can’t even. Ugh. All my mom did was call out my grandparents for enabling my uncle and furthering his addiction…

My aunt has accused my mom of being addicted to adderall… My mother has taken adderall a few times, and the last time was 3 years ago…. My aunt has also said that adderall is meth. And thus has told my mother she is addicted to meth. I’m honestly so dumfounded and disgusted. My poor mom.

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